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Brand + Strategy
The brief

In the fast-paced world of young professionals, finding a community that fosters authentic connections and cultivates productivity is no easy task. Recognising this challenge, afterWRK set out to create a revolutionary content sharing platform. Their mission? To provide a space where young professionals can come together, share their stories and expertise, and engage in meaningful conversations.

To bring their vision to life, afterWRK turned to R3. Our task was to craft a brand that resonates with afterWRK's target audience, establish a unique and engaging voice, and create a robust online presence through social media setup, captivating content, and a cutting-edge website. Additionally, we were entrusted with shaping the overall business and marketing strategy, propelling afterWRK towards a future filled with success and growth.

The Solution

R3 embarked on an exciting journey to transform afterWRK into the go-to platform for young professionals seeking authentic connections and productive content.

We started by developing a comprehensive and cohesive brand identity that captures the essence of afterWRK's vision. Every aspect, from the logo design to the colour palette, was meticulously crafted to resonate with the target audience and evoke a sense of excitement and possibility.

Next, we shaped afterWRK's distinctive voice, seamlessly blending professionalism with an approachable and relatable tone. This unique voice set the foundation for all future communication, allowing afterWRK to engage their community in meaningful ways and foster genuine connections.

To ensure a strong online presence, we set up social media platforms, strategically positioning afterWRK as a thought leader and hub for valuable content. Our team of experts crafted compelling social media content that captivated the target audience, sparking conversations and driving engagement.

But the journey didn't stop there. R3 designed and developed an immersive website that not only showcases afterWRK's features and benefits but also provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. Through cutting-edge design and functionality, the website serves as a gateway to the afterWRK community, attracting young professionals from all corners of the world.

Moreover, we devised a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that aligned with afterWRK's goals and fuelled their growth. Leveraging our industry expertise and knowledge, we implemented proven tactics and recommendations, enabling afterWRK to reach a wider audience and solidify their position in the market.

Together, R3 and afterWRK have shaped a transformative digital experience that bridges the gap between young professionals and authentic connections. By creating a compelling brand, establishing a unique voice, crafting captivating content, developing an immersive website, and implementing a strategic business and marketing strategy, afterWRK has become the go-to platform for young professionals seeking meaningful interactions and productive content.

Simon Chen
Brand + Strategy
"Working with the R3 on my startup project was a great experience. Their work was exceptional, and myself and the team were all impressed. One thing that stands out are their ability to help with all types of marketing requirements, whereas many other marketing professionals specialise in only one or a few areas. I have no doubt that if you engage Sol, Jordan, and their team for marketing activities, they will add great value to your business."
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Project Management: Simon Chen


Project Management: Sol Svenson-Little
Art Direction:
Sol Svenson-Little
Social Media Campaign: Jordan Gan

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