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Aqua Zone Fitness

Business Advisory + Brand + Website + Graphic Design + Video Creation
The brief

Aqua Zone Fitness (AZF) isn't your run-of-the-mill fitness program. Founded by a dedicated team of health and fitness enthusiasts, they believe that exercise should be fun, engaging, and accessible to all. Their unique aqua group fitness program offers active recovery and the pure joy of movement in water. However, AZF faced a significant challenge - they needed a brand that truly reflected their values and mission.

AZF aimed to express their core values of Care, Community, Fun, Friendship, and Intelligent recovery through their brand. They required a visual identity that captured the essence of their supportive yet challenging water fitness environment. In a market saturated with water-based brands predominantly using blue, they wanted to stand out.

AZF turned to R3 Marketing Solutions for assistance, and we jumped right in. Our team of creative minds collaborated with AZF to craft a brand that resonated with their unique fitness program.

The Solution

We began with a fresh, dynamic logo that perfectly embodied their values and the aqua fitness environment.  

We then chose a vibrant color scheme featuring core pink, blue, and purple colors. Pink symbolized activity and enjoyment, purple represented recovery, and blue stood for performance and water. The predominant use of pink set AZF apart from the sea of blue in the water fitness market. This distinctive color palette made a significant impact.

We also designed a user-friendly website, eye-catching banners, branded clothing, business cards, choreography notes, pitch decks, invoice templates, PowerPoint templates, and more. Our goal was to provide a comprehensive branding package to give AZF the edge they needed.

The results speak for themselves. With our support, AZF successfully secured deals with numerous large pools and councils, expanding their reach and impact. R3 Marketing Solutions continues to stand by AZF, offering both business advisory and marketing support to nurture their ongoing growth.

Caroline Jenkins
Creative Director & Lead Choreographer
Brand & Visual Asset Creation
"We love our R3 team. We came to them at a time when we didn't have a lot of answers but knew what we wanted to offer customers. They worked patiently with us on our offering, building a wonderful brand, through to a go-to-market strategy that has been perfect. As well as great advice, and strategy work, they also were able to actually create everything we need, from the website to branding, and a variety of marketing collateral pieces. We are very happy with where we've got to so quickly and the feedback from clients is fantastic."
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