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Equal Access Challenge

Video Production + Video Editing
The brief

The Equal Access Safe Water for Schools Challenge is a global initiative led by the SkyJuice Foundation with a clear mission: to provide safe water installations to schools and school communities around the world. With nearly two decades of experience in delivering safe water technology and installations for humanitarian and emergency aid projects, the Foundation has already made an impact globally, installing over 8,000 safe water units in more than 70 countries.

Despite this, the SkyJuice Foundation recognised the fact that numerous schools and communities worldwide still lack access to clean and safe water. Therefore, the Foundation's goal was to raise awareness about this pressing issue and generate donations for the Equal Access Safe Water for Schools Challenge.

When the SkyJuice Foundation approached R3, we saw an opportunity to make a real difference. Our task was to create a series of videos that would not only promote the challenge but also share the stories of schools and communities already benefiting from the program. We aimed to craft a compelling narrative that would tug at the heartstrings of viewers, compelling them to take action.

The Solution

R3 Marketing Solutions took on the challenge with passion and creativity. We began by crafting an initial challenge video, setting the stage for the Equal Access Safe Water for Schools Challenge. This video conveyed the urgency of the issue, highlighting the global need for safe water in schools and underscoring the transformative impact of the program.

In addition to the challenge video, we produced a series of follow-up videos that delved into the individual stories of schools and communities positively impacted by this fundraising program. These videos served as a powerful testament to the change that the Equal Access Challenge was bringing to schools and communities around the world. We aimed to showcase the faces, voices, and emotions behind the cause.

The videos created by R3 became powerful tools for the SkyJuice Foundation. They helped raise awareness about the urgent need for safe water in schools and generate support for the Equal Access Challenge. Viewers were not only inspired by the stories shared in the videos but were also moved to contribute to this vital cause, making a real difference in communities around the globe.

Anna Itkonen
Marketing & Media Manager
Video Production / Editing
"R3 has produced a series of videos as an integral part of promotions and communications for Equal Access, Safe Water for School Challenge 2023. Sol has shown great understanding of the production process and reaching desired outcomes and his guidance and input has been invaluable. The team at R3 has gone above and beyond to accomodate for the challenging and tight timelines of the project and have been a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Sol and his team again."
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